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Bitcoin Caffee

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About Us

Bitcoin Caffee is a platform for innovators to make things happen. Should you be working in Blockchain,AI, IOT and many more technologies, visit us.

A caffee where you will not only get delicious food but also you would meet like-minded innovators to create meaningful connections, exchange ideas and forge new collaborations. Bitcoin Caffee will work to build a stronger and more inclusive innovation ecosystem for startups.

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We provide
the best place
for tech
and geeks.

Why visit Us?

Best workspace for meetings.

Why visit a regular caffee where most of the talks are of politics and sports when you are a tech freak? It's time to listen to other enthusiasts and experts on what they think.

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Come to Bitcoin Caffee and meet&greet experts and enthusiasts about blockchain just as you are. It's a revolution and you want to be the one joining it in it's early days. Blockchain is the future and blockchain is here.